Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Beginning of a Thesis

It's now nearing noon on Sunday. Last I checked, all but three of you have accepted your invitations to the blog and can now be contributors. Only four students so far--Ryan, Robin, Brenda, and Holly--have posted their assignments as initial entries on their own capstone blogs. I have added all four of their blogs to the "My Blog List," where they join the blogs from the previous Capstone One students. I've also written initial comments for each.

If you haven't started up your blog yet and still have to post your first assignment, go ahead and do so. If Prof. Foster or I do not get a chance to read it before class tomorrow afternoon, it's still a benefit to have it up. Schedule permitting, we may yet be able to read and comment on it.

If you haven't started working on the assignment at all and are uncertain as to how to answer the questions itemized in the instructions (see syllabus, 7 Jan 12 entry, below), it may help you to review the four postings already up, as well as any comments made to them. We encourage you to comment yourself as well.

(A tip: you can always spot the newest entries simply by looking at each blog in the "My Blogs List": under each link there is the information that the latest post was made x hours/days/weeks/months ago. You should check out all the entries for the past week.)

See you in class tomorrow. Hope to spot your first thesis assignment here before then.

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