Sunday, March 13, 2011


Our friend (and professor of English at UVU) Jan Wellington spent yesterday evening with us. She's a fine writer (about travel during the French Revolution, for instance) and she's a wonderful maker of jewelry.

She brought several of her recent creations to show us. Each has a name. Each is made of beads Jan has collected. She knows the history of the beads -- which range from Czech glass to German silver to Nevada turquoise.

The necklace on the far right, for instance, is made of Tuareg beads (the Tuareg are nomads of the Sahara and make remarkable jewelry, as well as wearing blue robes).

I thought of the beads and of how Jan collects them and then strings them while reading the blog posts today.

Writing a thesis and making in jewelry have a lot in common, I think.

Before you can make anything, you've got to have materials to make it with. That takes collecting. Several of your blogs show the results of some good collecting. You've found good information to work with.

While you're collecting, you're also thinking about how to make sense of the information you've got. You're working out an argument, a narrative thread, a story to tell.

It's not enough, obviously, to have a pile of beads. It takes a good eye, inspiration, patience, stringing and restringing to make a good necklace or bracelet.

Thus the title of the post: patience. As you continue to work, making some progress each week, enjoy what you're doing, trust yourself, be patient as your move forward.

And if you'd like to see more of Jan's work, here's a link:

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