Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Couple of Links for Thinking About Over the Break

Folks, I'm sure that many if not most of you are enjoying a bit of downtime from schoolwork this week. (A few have posted new and intriguing items nonetheless.) Therefore, in place of the usual advice and exhortations, I thought I'd just paste in a couple of links to interesting pieces in the Sunday NYT this week. One is an English teacher's argument for teaching students how to tweet and text elegantly, rather than merely churn out bulky term papers (hmmm, thoughts anyone?). The other is a book review of James Gleick's new tome, The Information, which has an interesting take on the explosion of types of information, including Wikipedia, that you are all now dealing with. Happy Spring everyone, here are the links:

The opinion piece on "Teaching to the Text Message":

The book review on Gleick:

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